What is the Most Common tree in Minnesota?

Minnesota has a lot of trees and is known for the beautiful pines that are always Instagram worthy from every angle. Even though Minnesota’s state tree is a red pine, the most common tree is not even in the pine family! A Quaking Aspen is the most common tree in Minnesota. Learn some fun facts…

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Spring Tree Pruning in Minnesota

Spring doesn’t arrive as fast for the northern states – here in Minnesota the weather doesn’t start warming up until March or April. Regardless of when spring arrives, it is important to care for your trees before the new growth starts. The cold weather keeps them dormant and pruning them right before the weather starts…

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Should I Prune My Tree in Summer?

summer tree pruning

“Can I schedule my summer tree pruning?” is a question we’re frequently asked. The short answer to this would be, you can. But the more realistic answer would be, you probably shouldn’t. Here, let us explain ourselves a bit more. Pruning Practices Can Depend on the Type of Tree It’s important to note that not…

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Winter Pruning: 5 Reasons Why it’s Essential

winter pruning

Can you imagine going a whole year without getting a hair cut? Think of how long (and maybe even scruffy) your hair would grow. Hairstylists often suggest frequently trimming your hair to keep your strands healthy and strong. Just like your hair, your trees require the same amount of attention – and for the same…

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What Can I Do for My Trees in the Winter?

Winter Trees

Landscaping and tree services can be the furthest thing from people’s minds during the winter months – especially if your outdoor space is covered with snow. However, you don’t have to wait for spring to take care of your lawn, trees or any other issues you may have in the outdoors. Ivan’s Tree Service offers…

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When is the best time to prune?

when to prune

Fall is on the doorstep, trees are turning colors and starting to drop. Soon we will be raking, bagging, and cleaning gutters. When you look up at the emptiness of the trees you notice more dead branches. They are hard to see in the summer when you have a complete cover, but fall and winter…

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