Should I Prune My Tree in Summer?

“Can I schedule my summer tree pruning?” is a question we’re frequently asked. The short answer to this would be, you can. But the more realistic answer would be, you probably shouldn’t. Here, let us explain ourselves a bit more.

Pruning Practices Can Depend on the Type of Tree

It’s important to note that not all trees are exactly the same, meaning one single rule won’t often apply to all types and species. An excellent example of the “one rule does not fit all” theory is pruning. Typically, we suggest only pruning your trees in the late dormant season to early spring. Pruning during this part of the year encourages the buds of the tree to grow back full and strong once they bloom later in the spring. Although this is generally a good rule of thumb to follow, it doesn’t necessarily apply to all trees. Owners of maple trees often prefer to prune in the summer. Pruning in the warmer months makes for a far less sticky project.

Summer is the Peak Season for Disease

Pruning an oak tree between the months of April and July can put the tree at an increased risk of disease. The most common and deadly disease found lingering around Minnesota’s oak trees is Oak Wilt. This non-native, invasive fungus invades the water-conducting vessels of oak trees, ultimately killing the entire tree. If you believe your oak tree is in need of pruning during the peak infection months, please consult with a professional arborist first.

A Couple Exceptions to the Rules

Of course, there are exceptions to the summer pruning rule. Two of the most common exceptions include:

  1. The tree’s branches are weak or broken, and
  2. the tree’s gotten too big, and you want to ensure it grows back smaller next year.

If either of the two exceptions above apply to you, please get in contact with our team of certified arborists, and we’d be happy to assist you.

When performed correctly, regularly, (and at the right time of the year!), pruning can significantly contribute to the overall health and durability of your trees. For all your professional pruning needs, trust the twin cities tree experts at Ivan’s Tree Service.