Which Trees Produce Edible Sap?

The most common tree sap we hear about consuming is that from a Maple tree, but it’s not the only tree that produces edible sap. You can make syrup from a variety of tree species, but the taste might not be what you are expecting. Find out if you have a sap-producing tree on your…

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Helpful Tips to Keep Your Tree Healthy

Tips to keep your tree healthy

When treated correctly, trees can be a beautiful addition to your yard and appreciated for years to come. But, how do you properly treat a tree after you plant it? Here are our top three tips to keep your tree healthy. Mulch Regularly Mulching around the base of your tree is a key step in…

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Is it Better to Grind a Stump or Remove it?

Stump Grinding

Winter and spring storms can cause irreparable damage to your trees. Whether your tree has been cut down or has fallen over, the stump will need to be removed. There are a couple methods to taking care of a tree stump: stump grinding and stump removal. Learning about both methods will help you determine which…

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