Winter Pruning: 5 Reasons Why it’s Essential

Can you imagine going a whole year without getting a hair cut? Think of how long (and maybe even scruffy) your hair would grow. Hairstylists often suggest frequently trimming your hair to keep your strands healthy and strong. Just like your hair, your trees require the same amount of attention – and for the same reasons, too! Here are our top five reasons why arborists suggest pruning your trees (aka giving them a much-needed haircut) in winter.

1. Winter Pruning is Often Cheaper

Hey, we too enjoy a good bargain. Frozen grounds allow our team’s heavy machinery to get closer to the base of your tree without harming your lawn or surrounding plants. This allows our teams work quickly and more efficiently, helping you save money on service time in the end.

2. Winter Pruning is Safer for Your Tree

Winter pruning helps ensure your tree grows back healthier and stronger in spring. Pruning your trees when temperatures are frigid helps keep diseases from spreading. When diseases spread throughout your tree, it can become detrimental for the entire tree. Not only will pruning help eliminate the spread of disease, it also allows your tree to heal without attracting unwanted insects.

3. Pruning Reduces the Risk for Costly Damage

One of the worst sounds to hear in the winter is the crash of a heavy tree branch falling onto your roof, shed, or even your car. If this has happened to you, you understand the frustration and costly damage associated with limb breakage. If you have yet to experience this type of damage, help ensure it doesn’t happen to you in the future by having your tree’s limbs pruned annually.

4. It’s Easier to See Branch Structures

Bare branches allow our teams to better see the structure of your tree. Pruning with this type of visibility helps us do our job more effectively, as we’re able to identify any breakage or disease that the leaves may otherwise cover up in spring, summer, or even fall.

5. Pruning Protects Your Garden and Flower Beds

One of the best ways to sustain the growth of your garden and flower beds through the winter is by pruning them. By doing this, you are encouraging regrowth in your plants which, similar to trees, allows them to grow back stronger and healthier come spring.

For professional pruning services, go with a team you can trust. Our team of local arborists understand trees like the “palm” of their hands and work diligently to solve customers’ problems both effectively and efficiently. To schedule your winter tree services like winter pruning and winter stump removal, contact the professionals at Ivan’s Tree Service.