ITS Vehicles

Who is Ivan?

A hard-working family man always determined to put his best foot forward no matter the circumstances. Originally from Honduras made his way to Boston, Massachusetts looking for a better future. After having his first born Ivan Jr., he soon knew he wanted to start his family somewhere else. Minnesota became their new home. After 15 years of working beside power lines and learning the craft of tree work and a very humble beginning to many hard side jobs. He decided it was time to take a leap forward and start his own business which became I.T.S

What do we do?

We are a family business that works closely together to take on day to day challenges. We focus on exceeding our customer's expectations and being safe out in the work field. Tree work is the most challenging and dangerous profession, but with our trained crew we are confident with every job we perform.

Where do we work?

I.T.S works in the metro area but is not limited to surrounding cities. We are licensed and insured to make sure our customer is protected.

What services do we provide?

I.T.S is known to take on the most challenging jobs and has over 18 years of experience working near power lines. We trim, prune, remove and shape trees depending on the customer's needs. Our goal is to protect the tree and the customer. I.T.S firmly believes that the best way to give a tree love and more years of life is by maintaining it. With certified arborists in our crew, we can determine what's best for the trees we work with. ITS also do stump grinding, some landscaping and snow removal.