Spring Tree Pruning in Minnesota

Spring doesn’t arrive as fast for the northern states – here in Minnesota the weather doesn’t start warming up until March or April. Regardless of when spring arrives, it is important to care for your trees before the new growth starts. The cold weather keeps them dormant and pruning them right before the weather starts to warm up is the best, so that you don’t harm the tree and stunt the growth.


Winter is the best time to prune evergreen trees, but some spring pruning won’t harm the tree. These trees rarely need pruning, but if your goal is to make the tree denser, pruning off the ends of the new needled sections that grew would help reach that goal of more density the next year.

Deciduous Trees

These are the trees that lose their leaves each year and should be pruned before winter and early spring. Pruning trees are important to infested, weak, or dead branches to help promote growth and the health of the tree in years to come.

Young trees

To help them grow and become strong, young trees should be pruned yearly before winter and in early spring. Mature trees only need to be pruned every five years.

Stressed Trees

Make sure to consider how stressed the tree might be before you prune it. (Yes, trees can be stressed too.) Extreme weather can put trees under stress, which means you should let the tree recover before moving forward with pruning it.

If you have any questions on spring tree pruning, you can contact Ivan’s Tree Service to get them answered. They have tree professionals that will work with you to find the best plan of action for your situation or give you advice on how to handle your trees. Call or text: 651-485-6870