6 Tips for Fall Tree Care

Fall is the time to appreciate the beauty of the changing seasons. So, grab yourself a cup of apple cider and step outside to admire the colorful trees and falling leaves. While it may be the season of jumping in leaf piles and going to pumpkin patches, it is also the time for fall tree…

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We can Help with Storm Damage

We all have either experienced or know someone who has experienced extensive storm damage to their property. Mother Nature is unpredictable – storms have the ability to rip trees out of the ground no matter if they are healthy or not. Ivan’s Tree Service has the knowledge and skills to help try and prevent storm…

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Which Trees Produce Edible Sap?

The most common tree sap we hear about consuming is that from a Maple tree, but it’s not the only tree that produces edible sap. You can make syrup from a variety of tree species, but the taste might not be what you are expecting. Find out if you have a sap-producing tree on your…

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Spring Tree Pruning in Minnesota

Spring doesn’t arrive as fast for the northern states – here in Minnesota the weather doesn’t start warming up until March or April. Regardless of when spring arrives, it is important to care for your trees before the new growth starts. The cold weather keeps them dormant and pruning them right before the weather starts…

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5 Tree Myths

There are many myths about trees that have been spread like fertilizer through communities. We made a list of the top 5 myths that we hear and explained why they aren’t true. If you have any questions or concerns about trees on your property, make sure to call a professional at Ivan’s Tree Service to…

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Twin Cities Tree Service for HOA’s


The appearance of your HOA grounds plays a significant role in property value, attracting and retaining buyers, and providing an appealing experience for residents. Tree service is often a property managers biggest expense. It’s important to take the time to research landscape and tree service vendors before signing a contract. Facility managers are often pulled…

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How Can I Prevent Winter Tree Damage?

Winter Storm Damage for Trees

Here in Minnesota, winter can wreak havoc on our yards. Between heavy snowfalls, ice storms, and frequent blizzards, it’s no surprise that some of our trees can’t always withstand these harsh conditions. While it’s no fun to see your beloved trees damaged by snow and ice, there are steps you can take to prepare your trees for winter storms.

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How to Know if Your Tree is Dying

Dying tree trunk with mushroom growing up the side

You may have a tree, or a few trees, in your yard that are concerning you. Maybe they lost their leaves too early in the season. Maybe they don’t look as healthy as they used to. You may find yourself wondering, “Is my tree dying?” Honestly, it can be hard to know what’s going on without the knowledge of a certified arborist. We’ve put together a list of things to look out for when you’re assessing the health of your tree.

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