Which Trees Produce Edible Sap?

The most common tree sap we hear about consuming is that from a Maple tree, but it’s not the only tree that produces edible sap. You can make syrup from a variety of tree species, but the taste might not be what you are expecting. Find out if you have a sap-producing tree on your property…

Trees That Produce Edible Sap

The Walnut tree has been tapped for sap since the 19th century! Each species of the Walnut family produces sap that consists of different sugar levels. The sap from a walnut tree would produce some sweet sugary syrup to be used in the same way as Maple syrup.

Birch tree sap is edible but not as sweet. Birch tree sap is a good source of minerals and natural antioxidants.

Sycamore and Ironwood tree sap is commonly mixed with Maple tree sap to make them sweeter.

Is it Sap or Resin?

People commonly mistake sap and resin with each other because they think of sticky syrup when they think of sap. Sap is actually thin, watery, and clear in its raw form, and resin is sticky and thick in its raw form on a tree.

Tree resin has an entirely different function for a tree. Resin seals wounds for the tree as well as trap invading species trying to get inside the tree.

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