3 Ways to Know You Need to Call a Professional Tree Care Company

3 Ways to Know You Need to Call a Professional Tree Care Company

Major tree work is a very dangerous job and should be performed only by professionals. Sometimes knowing whether or not your tree needs professional work can be difficult. Here are our top 3 ways to know if you need to call a professional tree care company.

1. Tree’s Branches are Touching Power Lines

If your tree’s branches are touching nearby power lines, it is your civic duty to enlist in professional’s help to remove them. Interference with power lines is a major fire hazard. When individuals try to remove these obstructing branches and leaves themselves, they are placing themselves and their neighbors in great danger. Hiring a professional tree care company will ensure that individuals in the area remain safe and free from hazard.

2. Tree is Visibly Decaying

A decaying tree is a visible sign of a dying tree. Decay can appear differently depending on the tree. Sometimes, decay can be the growth of mushrooms or fungi around the base of the trunk. In other cases, it may be that dead leaves are clinging to the tree’s branches throughout winter. If your tree is dying, you may need to rely on a professional to remove it safely.

3. Tree Branches Are Splitting

Spring and summer storms can cause heavy damage on trees. One common sign of damage is the cracking and falling of tree branches. For large, heavy branches, it’s important to work with a professional to remove them before they become a safety hazard on nearby individuals, cars, or homes.  

Our certified arborists at Ivan’s Tree Service work closely with our clients to determine the problem and provide a confident solution. We are a family-owned business who work to ensure the safety of customers and trees. We offer free estimates for those looking for tree services and guidance.