How to Know if Your Tree is Dying

Dying tree trunk with mushrooms growing up the side

You may have a tree (or a few trees) in your yard that is concerning you. Maybe it lost its leaves too early in the season. Maybe it doesn’t look as healthy as they used to. You may find yourself wondering, “Is my tree dying?” Honestly, it can be hard to know what’s going on without the knowledge of a certified arborist. We’ve put together a list of warning signs to be aware of when you’re assessing the health of your tree.

Warning Signs That Your Tree May Be Dying

  • You notice deadwood. Deadwood is dry wood that breaks easily. Any branches made of dead wood should be trimmed immediately before they fall and cause damage.
  • You see decay. Your tree could be decaying if you notice mushrooms or other fungi near the base of the trunk.
  • Your tree is leaning to one side. Storm damage or improper pruning can cause a tree to lean one direction or grow lopsided.
  • You see cracks in the bark. Vertical cracks in the bark can leave the trunk vulnerable to diseases and to harsh elements.

Before giving up all hope on your tree, ask for a consultation from a tree expert. A professional maintenance company, like Ivan’s Tree Service, has the knowledge required to fully assess how to care for your tree. Also, we have the proper equipment and tools to safely trim branches or remove trees altogether.

Serving the Twin Cities Metro and the surrounding area, you can count on Ivan’s Tree Service for professional tree services. We believe that the best way to extend the lifespan of a tree is by maintaining it. Contact our licensed arborists with your questions about our tree removal, tree trimming, and tree pruning services.