How to Prepare Your Yard for Winter

As much as we may not like to admit, winter is quickly approaching. As we begin to change seasons, it’s important to make sure your tree is prepared for the oncoming winter conditions. Here are our top three tips to follow as we move into the snowy season ahead. 

Mulch the Base

As true Midwesterners, we know the many transitions of temperature and weather conditions that occur October through March. These fluctuating conditions can force the ground’s soil to repeatedly expand and contract as it tries to adjust to the unpredictable environment. Over time, this can begin to cause damage to your tree’s roots. Applying a layer of mulch 1-4” deep around the base of your tree can help insulate your tree from the temperature extremes, allowing your roots to go unharmed from the regulating soil.

Clean Up Fallen Leaves

Depending on the type, your tree can shed multiple layers of beautiful leaves every fall. As the leaves begin to pile up, it’s important to rid your yard of them to allow your lawn and soil to receive the proper nutrients they need to grow. We suggest repurposing your raked leaves as mulch. This can be done by raking the leaves to form a circle around the trunk of your tree.

Plant New Trees

Fall is one of the best times to plant new trees. Cooler temperatures encourage root growth, allowing the them to grow healthy and strong by the time spring arrives. We suggest planting your trees early in the fall, around 4-6 weeks before extreme weather comes. For Minnesota homeowners looking to add more greenery to their landscape, we suggest planting maple and pine trees this fall. These types of trees grow best when planted in fall or spring.

Preparing your yard for winter is easy when you rely on professionals. If you’re in need of tree services as we head into the next season, contact the professionals at Ivan’s Tree Service. For tree emergencies, our team is prepared for 24/7 tree services at 651-485-6870.