How Can I Prevent Winter Tree Damage?

Preventing Winter Tree Damage

Here in Minnesota, winter can wreak havoc on our yards. Between heavy snowfalls, ice storms, and frequent blizzards, it’s no surprise that some of our trees can’t always withstand these harsh conditions. While it’s no fun to see your beloved trees damaged by snow and ice, there are steps you can take to prepare your trees for winter storms.

Assess Weak Branches.

Take a look at the trees close to your house, sidewalks, cars, or power lines. If you see any branches that appear dead or weak, they should be trimmed or removed. Call a professional tree service company, like Ivan’s Tree Service, to assess the health of your trees. They have the proper expertise and equipment to safely trim branches without jeopardizing the safety of your family. You can also use a broom to remove heavy snow and ice from sagging branches and shrubs to prevent breakage.

Plant Wisely.

Not all trees can tolerate winter storms the same. Some fast-growing trees with brittle wood – like cottonwoods and poplars – are more likely to fall than others. During the warmer months, consider planting stronger hardwoods such as maple and oak trees. Ask our arborists at Ivan’s Tree Service, about strategically planting a row of hearty evergreen trees on your property. Not only will this create privacy for your family, but it’ll help block cold winds during the winter months.

Call Ivan’s Tree Service for Emergency Services.

We understand how stressful and overwhelming it can be to have a fallen tree on your property.  For 24/7 emergency tree services, call our experienced professionals at 651-485-6870. As a family-owned business, we are committed to keeping your family and neighbors safe.

The best way to protect your trees from winter storm damage is to have them checked on a routine basis. You can trust our licensed arborists to assist you with all of your tree care services. Covering Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding areas, our team is available all year round to help you properly take care of your trees!