Why is my Tree Leaning?

Leaning trees can become a major safety hazard if left untreated. We’ve seen customers face costly damage to their homes and cars due to fallen trees and heavy limbs. If your tree is leaning, it’s best to call a local arborist to come out and assess the severity of your situation. In the meantime, here are some potential reasons to why you may be seeing an imbalance.  

Sometimes, a Leaning Tree is Natural

Every pet owner knows that sunny spot they can find their pet basking in when the sun begins to shine through the window. Just like your pets (and probably yourself too), trees love to bask in the sun. If your tree is planted in a shady area, it will likely grow at an angle in an effort to seek sunlight. In terms of not-so-sunny weather, trees bare a lot of the brunt when it comes to storms. Heavy winds and snowstorms can cause significant impact on the structure and stability of your tree.

Other Times, It’s due to the Lack of Pruning

Tree trimming is essential for healthy tree growth. Pruning your trees between the second and third year of growth helps train your tree to grow strong and even decreases the amount of corrective pruning your tree will need later. For older trees, excess deadwood can cause imbalanced growth. Regular trimming of your tree’s unhealthy branches can promote better stability, making it easy for your tree to continue to grow strong.

How much is too much leaning?

If the roots of your tree are beginning to break through the surface, immediately call your local arborists at Ivan’s Tree Service. This is a major sign of imbalance, making the tree a significant safety hazard. If your tree begins to lean over a busy walkway, road, or your home, you could be placing the safety of you and those around you at risk. Our team of professionals are on-hand, ready to assist you with any of your questions or concerns.

Here in Minnesota where snowstorms are heavy, it’s never a good idea to trust a heavily leaning tree. Too much weight on the already imbalanced tree can become hazardous and costly in an instant. Contact your trusted Twin Cities tree company for all your tree services, questions, and concerns. Our staff will walk you through our process to ensure you’re never leaf-ed feeling uneasy about your project.