What is Causing My Grass to Die?

Have you noticed your grass dying no matter how much you seed and water it? Well, it might have something to do with the trees in your yard and not your lack of a green thumb. Most trees won’t affect your grass, but pine trees could be the culprit to your dying patches. Pine trees drop needles that do more harm than good to your yard.

How Pine Needles Kill Grass

Pine needles drop, cover the ground, and decompose into nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus.  These nutrients are actually helpful for the grass. Nitrogen encourages production of chlorophyll which is needed for photosynthesis, calcium stimulates the metabolism and enzyme activity of the grass, and phosphorus helps the lawn develop healthy roots and stems.

Where pine needles become harmful is when there are too many needles covering the ground. When there are too many pine needles on the ground it deprives the soil of oxygen, water, sunlight, nutrients, and airflow. These are all things that are essential for grass to grow.

How to Keep your Grass Alive

To make sure that your grass can grow strong and healthy you have two options: 1) rake the needles up every other day to allow the sunlight and nutrients to reach the soil, or 2) have your pine tree trimmed or removed. Ivan’s Tree Service has professionals ready to take care of your tree trimmings or removal needs safely and efficiently. Contact us!

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