‘Tree’ Rules to Follow This Rainy Season

The snow has officially melted, leaving many Minnesota lawns and trees looking dead, dull, and in need of serious care. Although it may be tempting to immediately start on spring yard work, there are a few rules every homeowner should consider. Here are “tree” rules you should follow to ensure your trees continue to grow and thrive this rainy season.

1. Postpone Fertilizing Your Tree

Fertilizer can be incredibly useful in promoting healthy growth for your trees. It almost acts as a healthy breakfast, fueling the tree with enough energy and nutrients to grow strong through the spring and summer. During the rainy season, we suggest holding off on fertilizing, as the tree often needs to focus its energy on protecting itself from disease and other effects of overwatering. For optimal results, we suggest lightly fertilizing in early summer. Please note that fertilizing your trees should only be done if you’ve been instructed by a certified arborist to do so.

2. Inspect Your Trees for Fungi Growth

One of the most common fungi in Minnesota are Morels. These spongey mushrooms are known to overtake many forests and landscapes in the Spring, commonly anchoring to trees like Elms and Cottonwoods. We suggest inspecting your tree for fungal growth 2-4 days after a heavy rainfall. If poisonous fungi growth begins to grow around the trunk of your tree, your tree may begin to decay. To ensure your tree is safe and healthy, contact your local arborists at Ivan’s Tree Service for a professional inspection.

3. Take Necessary Steps Before Watering Your Tree

Even through a rainy season, your tree may still be looking bare and dry on the surface. Often times, the initial reaction is to revive the tree with some water. Before doing so, check the moisture of the soil surrounding the base of the tree. You can do this by digging a small hole to reach your hand in, or by placing a screwdriver into the soil. If the soil is in fact dry, we suggest lightly watering the soil around your tree.

For more information on tree health and services, please contact the Twin Cities trusted team of arborists at Ivan’s Tree Service. Our professionals are on hand to answer all of your questions and schedule any of your spring tree services.