Tree Care Checklist: Are Your Trees Ready for Spring?

Imagine this: Bright blue skies, colorful blooms at every turn and a not a trace of snow… sounds great right now, right? Minnesota weather can be tricky, but Spring is on the horizon—are you prepared?
The time is now to prepare for the warmer weather to come—starting with your trees. It is important to identify any tree trimming, tree cutting or tree removal that might be needed to ensure your trees are ready to take on the spring weather. Take a look at the following tree care checklist to help give your trees nutrients and stability for the upcoming season.
#1 Inspect
As the colder weather begins to pass, you should be checking your trees for any signs of disease or other damage that can result from the winter. Tree pruning of any hazardous looking trees before the spring will help prevent any further damage to other trees, and tree removal—if needed—will make room for new growth.
When inspecting your trees, it is important to identify any tree removal that might be needed from a professional tree service. If you choose to wait too long to contact a tree removal service, you could be creating a home for all new kinds of unwanted guests in your trees.
#2 Prep Before Bloom
Take the time to prep your yard, including picking up any fallen branches or anything left over from the trees so you have a clean yard for all new growth. Be sure to invest in defensive mechanisms to improve the health and strength of your trees to fight off any pests that could invade them. Tree maintenance is key for a successful tree growing season in the spring.
#3 Plant New
Locate potential spots for growing new trees and begin planting. Planting new trees can actually help to enhance your property and save energy in the long-run. Another way to aid in planting new trees is to use mulch. It is an excellent way to protect moisture levels in your trees and prevent weeds from growing. All these tree care services offer you the opportunity to take control of the health of your trees and your backyard.
Feel more prepared for Spring now? Inspect, prep, and plan for the upcoming warmer weather and you will be on your way to a successful season of growth and nourishment for your trees. For more information on tree removal services, tree trimming, and how to maintain the health of your trees, visit our services page or call our Arborists at 651.485.6870.