Stump Grinding

Why is it so important to remove tree stumps?
Stumps are the remnants of trees that have been left behind either after a tree has blown over from storm damage or a tree has been removed for disease or old age. in either case stumps should be dealt with and removed for several reasons. A professional tree removal service should be able to deal with the stump removal in the process however every company is different.

Q: Why would someone remove a tree stump from their property?
A: People remove tree stumps for a large number of reasons.
These reasons can include:

Because termites live in tree stumps due to the composition of the wood.
Because they want to plant another tree, do landscape design work, install a fence, build another structure on that part of the land, etc.
Because the stump is continuing to grow (as well as its roots), which leads to any number of problems, such as the cement being pushed up, the house foundation being uprooted, etc.
Because a wastewater system is being affected.Because the stump looks unsightly.
Q: How are tree stumps removed?
A: The process involves grinding the stump into small wood chips with a stump grinder, hauling the grindings off, planting new grass and/or trees, and cleaning up any remaining mess.
Q: Is there anything else I should know about the stump grinding process?
A: It’s imperative to understand the stump grinding and removal process before going about it. Many property owners don’t understand that it’s not just a stump, it’s an entire system of roots underneath the stump, and removing the system of roots underneath the ground is an exhaustive process that shouldn’t be done without good reason, as well as with the proper expertise and equipment.
Over 90% of the root system are in the upper 12 inches of the soul, and they extend out even farther than where the tree’s limbs went. Roots can naturally extent and expand over 15% of where the limbs stopped (this is called the “drip line”.) Therefore, the more massive the tree, the harder it’ll be to fully remove the stump and its roots. To remove the entire root system would be a monumental task, not to mention extremely high priced. That is why we focus is on the stump.
If you have stumps in your yard you would like removed, contact Ivans Tree Service, Minneapolis St. Paul Tree Trimmers and Tree Removal Services.