Common Tree Trimming Mistakes Homeowners Make

Tree trimming is essential for your tree’s growth, appearance, and health.

While it might be tempting to add removing those dead and dying branches to your list of DIY projects in hopes of saving yourself time and money – it’s not worth the risk.

Here’s some common mistake that homeowners make when attempting to trim their own trees.

Trimming with Improper Equipment

Abe Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to cut down a tree, and I’ll spend the first four sharpening my ax.” Trimming your tree with dull equipment will lead to jagged marks and wounds that will be harder to heal and make it difficult for your tree to take in nutrients.

Utilizing dirty tools will cause you turmoil, too. It’s natural to think that since your tree is outside and part of nature, you don’t need to consider the cleanliness of your tools. Wrong. Trimming your trees with dirty tools can lead to infectious fungi and bacteria. Additionally, after trimming, it’s crucial to remove fallen branches and leaves that would otherwise be grounds for fungi and insects to harbor around the base of your tree.

Trimming the Wrong Branches

In addition to sharp tools, it’s important to have a sharp eye while tree trimming. It’s common to accidentally cut or trim down some of the freshly growing branches. This will cause your tree to grow weaker and lose its natural shape.

Cutting the branch collar – the thick portion of the branch near the base – can be extremely harmful to the health of your tree. Since the collar is so thick and strong, it makes up several crucial vascular tissues. Separating these vascular tissues would cause a significant loss of sap, ultimately wounding the tree.

Trimming at the Wrong Time

Just like there’s a season for planting, there’s a season for trimming. Trimming is best completed in the winter – their dormant months. This will make the job easier, as well as encourage growth in the spring. Trimming during other seasons can lead to insects, pests, and fungi, leaving your tree highly susceptible to disease.

Tree trimming is a difficult, and often dangerous, job that is best left to the experts. Our certified team of arborists at Ivan’s Tree Service specializes in tree trimming and are more than happy to help. We offer free estimates and individualized service. Give us a call at 651.485.8670 today.