Hiring a Professional Stump Grinder

Stump grinding is an important but often overlooked part of a tree removal project. Depending on the size of the tree you are having removed you may end up with a large unsightly stump in your yard. Stumps can create a couple of different issues if left un-removed.
Providing large tree clearing and tree stump removal requires experienced hands and the right equipment. You want minimal property damage and safe operations. Our teams are trained professionals that follow our company’s strict training standards.
If you as a homeowner is trying to save money on a tree services there are a few issues you may have to know about before tackling this on your own.
If a tree is older and fairly large you are going to have to deal with a large root system. Tree roots never stop growing and once they are well established removing the stump is going to get harder. If you think you can just pull a stump with a tractor or truck you may want to watch a few YouTube videos on stump removal fails first. This is a very dangerous method for attempting to remove a tree stump. It may cause severe injury or worse.

There are a few tools you can rent at local power equipment rental stores or big box home improvement stores like Lowes or Home Depot. You have to make certain you are getting the right machine for the size job you are attempting to complete.

It will do you no good to rent a stump grinder with a tiny cutting wheel to grind down a large tree stump. It may take way longer than necessary or it may be futile all together if the type of tree is a hardwood like black walnut. As in all professional jobs, the right tool for the job increases safety and reduces time and energy.

Stump grinders will come in different horsepower ratings. That is the size of the motor that powers the grinder wheel. The more horsepower the larger the stump it should handle, and the quicker you can return the rental and save money. Of course, we recommend hiring a professional stump grinder that has years of experience with this type of work. A professional can assess the situation and bring the proper equipment to the job site. A professional tree services company can also backfill and clean the area leaving little trace of the removal process and giving you a clean slate to work with.

In the end, stump grinding can save time and money vs. stump removal. Stump removal can leave a hole in the ground and require more landscaping to cover that up. After a stump has been ground using a grinder it is typically completed to a few inches below the earth that are then covered with dirt and dust from the process. After a time the remaining below ground portion will decay with time.

If you have a stump grinding question or would like a bid on a tree services project contact Ivan’s Tree Service. Serving, Saint Paul Minneapolis and the entire Twin Cities tree service’s needs.