Employee Spotlight: Keyly Hernandez

Ivan’s Tree Service is a family business that works closely together to take on day to day challenges. Tree work is a challenging and dangerous industry. We continually invest in ongoing training and education to keep our employees and clients safe. Keyly has been an integral part of the ITS team and is working hard to reach her full potential as a certified arborist.

Keyly currently attends Hennepin Technical College, the largest technical college in Minnesota. She is studying Urban Forestry in the multi-faceted area of Arboriculture. The tree care industry has expanded over the years to include areas of conservation, landscape maintenance, and management issues as well. “There really is a science to tree pruning and removals,” Keyly explains. “There’s so much skill from knowing what knot to use, rope to use, accessing the lean of the tree, and assessing every possible outcome and taking control so you’re able to fell a tree in the safest way possible.”

In addition, Keyly is working on becoming certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. An ISA Certified Arborist is described as someone with the commitment, dedication, and knowledge to succeed. To earn this credential, Keyly must be trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of arboriculture. ISA Certified Arborists must also adhere to the Code of Ethics that strengthens the credibility and reliability of the workforce.

We could not be prouder of Keyly and her commitment to the Ivan’s Tree Service team and our clients. Her passion for arboriculture is what makes her an excellent leader. For more information on our credentials and commitment to safety, give us a call at 651-485-6870.