Your Fall Tree Care Checklist

With summer’s end just around the corner, changes are going to start to happen all around us. The temperatures are going to begin to drop, the days will get shorter, and the wind will begin to pick up. With so much changing around us, it can be easy to forget about keeping up with tree care. A fall tree care plan is essential to keeping your trees healthy and thriving throughout the winter months, ultimately setting them up for a bountiful spring. To help you ensure the health of your trees during the cooler months of the year, Ivan’s Tree Service has put together this fall tree care checklist.


Fallen leaves are disease-causing fungi’s favorite place to hide. Protect the roots of your tree from infection or re-infection by raking and removing fallen leaves.


Mulching provides your trees with several benefits. This technique insulates the roots of trees, which protects them from the cooler temperatures. You can think of mulch as a blanket for your tree’s roots.


This step is only important for newly planted trees and shrubs. Be sure to keep these watered roughly once every two weeks until the weather is consistently cold.

Avoid Over Fertilizing

On occasion, fertilizing your trees can be beneficial – but be aware that too much of a good thing can do more harm than good. Over fertilization can lead to yellowing, wilting, and browning of your tree’s foliage. The leaves might also start to drop before dormancy begins. If your tree is planted in normal soil, your tree should require little to no fertilizing at all.

Don’t let these fall months go by without prepping your trees for winter. If you are unsure or unable to do this preventative care on your own, Ivan’s Tree Service would be more than happy to help. Our certified arborists will provide individualized service to each client. Contact the experts at Ivan’s today.