Tree Trimmers for Commercial Properties

Commercial Property Managers are responsible for large expanses of land. Typically that land is carefully landscaped with trees, bushes, plants, and grasses. Maintaining the health and appearance of the trees on these properties usually falls under the care of a professional tree trimming company.

Trees are meant to grow naturally without much intervention, however, there are times when moving, trimming or removing a tree is necessary. Trees may not be meant to grow in commercial landscapes but given the proper oversight and care, it is possible to maintain a healthy suburban landscape look.
Pruning is an important aspect of keeping trees healthy. A professional tree trimmer knows exactly where to cut and where on a tree to leave it alone. Pruning alters both the form and growth of the plant. When trees are pruned, less foliage is available to support growth and development. If executed incorrectly, removing even one large limb can be significant enough to permanently injure a tree. Improper cuts including topping can result in dead wood or branches that are prone to failure.

Initial planting of a tree
If a tree is planted too deep it can cause the roots to bind. This will stunt the growth of a tree and not allow it to flourish. In some situations, it may be necessary to remove the tree and plant a new one. When planting, the tree’s root flare (where the tree widens at the base) should be level with or slightly above the soil surface. If the root flare is not visible on a tree that has already been planted, excavation of the soil around the base of the tree is recommended. Any girdling roots uncovered should be removed carefully to minimize injury to the trunk.

Too much mulch, not enough mulch
Have you seen instances where mulch is piled high around the base of a tree? Too much mulch can create as many problems as it is trying to solve. Over-mulching has become so commonplace that most people just think it’s normal, and that’s the way it is supposed to be. A 3-4” layer of organic mulch applied from just off the trunk of the tree to the outer drip line will help moderate soil temperatures and conserve moisture without injury to the tree. Wood chips are an excellent choice!

Damage from Equipment and Machinery
Over time is inevitable that trees are going to take some hits. Whether that is from mother nature and things like lightning or the local landscaping crews bumping them with the lawnmower. These dinks can add up to a lot of trouble over the long haul. Damaging a tree and making it weak and susceptible to disease. Keeping a close eye on damaged trees is another great reason to hire a professional tree trimming and removal company.