Tree services for all types and sizes of tree

Almost everyone likes trees for one reason or another. They provide cool shade during hot summer days, and whether in the yard or in the park, they offer a serene setting to relieve the tensions of modern life. They add to the beauty and value of property. But there comes a time when a tree services company is needed to assess your trees condition.

The splendor of a springtime floral display and the pageantry of autumn coloration make trees a delight to the eyes. Even in winter, tree crown silhouettes and textured bark details provide enjoyment. Trees evoke sentiment perhaps because Grandpa planted them when he and Grandma moved into the neighborhood many years before or because some historic event took place beneath their boughs.
No matter what the reason-aesthetic, financial, or sentimental-a tree is a sound investment. Trees on private property contribute to the value of the real estate, increasing values 5 to 20 percent. A house surrounded by large healthy trees is worth more money than a house without them. A house with no trees near it looks hot in summer, appears unbalanced, and suggests, however unjustly, a lack of interest on the part of those who live in it.
Established residential areas are usually more inviting and more restful than new housing developments for one important reason: they are supplied with large trees.
In Minnesota where our business is primarily performed there are many types of trees. Our complete 4 seasons offer opportunities for many types of trees to flourish. You will definitely notice a change in the types of wild trees that grow in our state from the southern prairie to the North wood’s. Homeowners have a definite impact on the landscape however, living up north doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have nothing but pine trees in your yard there are many suitable types of trees that can be planted to flourish.
Minnesota trees will face a lot of extremes in their lifetime. If you are in the southern part of the state the open prairie can bring on strong wind and tornadoes in the spring and summer as well as heavy snowfall and ice storms in the winter. If you are choosing a leafing tree or fruit tree you will want something that is hearty and grows strong branches.
In the north you will see lot’s of Birch and Pine these trees seem to fair well thru the longer cold winters.
In the mid-section of the state you will notice a lot of Oak, Elm, Maple and pine of course. These trees can grow for many years and add a lot of value to a property.
Like all trees however there will come a time when trimming or removal may be necessary. Storms, disease or community growth may require a tree services company come in and assess the situation. We have had many storms this season alone that have required the removal of trees due to severe storm damage.
If you are planting trees you can consult many sources online that will give you the best suggestions for what types of trees will flourish in your area.
If you are seeking to have trees removed or trimmed then you are going to want to contact a professional tree services company like Ivan’s Tree Service. Professional and family owned Ivans Tree Service has trained staff that understands what it is going to take to get the job done safely.