Tree Care Checklist: Prepare your trees for winter!

As the days get shorter and the temperatures get cooler, we are reminded of what’s coming. With Minnesota winter looming, it’s important to be ready by preparing your trees for the cooler temperatures! Before winter sets in, it is important to identify any tree trimming, tree cutting or tree removal that might be needed to ensure your trees are ready to take on the winter weather. Take a look at the following winter checklist to ensure your trees are prepared for the tough Minnesota winter conditions.
#1 Lay Some Mulch.
Winter droughts are tough on trees. Laying organic composted mulch under your tree is an easy way to help your trees retain water. Mulch also helps minimize the temperature extremes in the soil surrounding your trees’ roots. Give your trees a little insulation and protection this winter by laying a blanket of mulch.
#2 Prune Your Trees
Fall is a good time to prune your trees. Tree pruning is important to the overall health of your trees as it can help relieve stress points and encourage healthy tree growth. Be aware every tree is different and pruning at the wrong time can harm the tree. If you’re unsure, contact the Arborists at Ivan’s Tree Service for expert advice.
#3 Plant New
While it may seem unusual, fall is prime time to plant new trees. Cooler weather provides optimal conditions for stimulating new root growth in trees (plus the tree doesn’t have to feed the leaves and roots). When planting new trees, it’s important to be sure to water the new tree until the first heavy freeze and mulch the base to ensure as much water retention as possible. To ensure the successful growth of your new tree, discuss the best species with our Arborists.
Properly prepare for the upcoming winter weather to be on your way to a successful season of growth and nourishment for your trees. Looking for other ways to prepare your yard for winter? Find more information on tree care services, tree trimming, and how to maintain the health of your trees, by visiting our services page or calling Ivan’s Tree Service at 651.485.6870.