Tips for Summer Tree Trimming

Do you want to have a great looking yard and impress your friends and neighbors? Trimming old dead tree branches and removing older trees can transform your yard from bumming to stunning.
For instance, if you have trees with dead hanging limbs on them, cut those off. Trim trees and bushes so they’re not out of control. You’ll especially want to pay attention to long branches that start interfering with things like your A/C unit, gutters, downspouts, and roof. Ivans Tree Service can do tree trimming or removal if you need it.

Contrary to popular belief you can trim trees in the summer. Many types of trees have a sweet spot for when they should be trimmed but done correctly tree trimming in the summer is a good thing.
Here are a few tips for tree trimming:
Maximum pruning: Ten percent to 15 percent maximum pruning is suggested for mature trees in less-than-ideal circumstances (this is most trees), 20 percent for vigorously growing trees in fairly ideal circumstances and 25 percent for saplings and other small, vigorous trees that often need training.
Making the cut: Always make good clean cuts where the plant can seal off the wound quickly, making either heading back cuts to a lateral branch of sufficient size or a thinning cut at the growth ring. It is important to consider what the function of the plant is, what hazards might be avoided or created by pruning, and what the reaction of the plant will be for each cut.
Disease prevention

: Apricot and cherry trees are best pruned in the summer to reduce the spread of Eutypa dieback disease, a fungus that causes limbs or twigs to wilt and die suddenly in late spring or summer with the leaves still attached. It infects fresh pruning wounds when rainfall occurs two to six weeks after pruning, hence the dry season is ideal for doing this pruning. Summer pruningon fruit trees also promotes more blossoms the following spring. If sudden oak death is of concern, they can be more confidently pruned when it is dry for similar reasons.

Keep a canopy: It is important not to allow too much sun exposure to trunk and scaffold branches, which can scald the living cambium layer just under the bark and create large wounds that can open up the wood to decay organisms as well as jeopardize the strength of the wood. This can be avoided by leaving enough canopy to shade the bark or by treating the bark with a whitewash. Care should be taken not to cut back tender plants too late. As pruning can invigorate new growth, it is important that any hard pruning gets done early enough for the resulting new growth to harden off before colder weather sets in.
If you have some trees that you would like some advice or a free estimate for tree trimming or removal In Minneapolis Saint Paul contact Ivan’s Tree Service, complete tree trimming tree removal and stump grinding.