Snowstorm Damage Checklist

Living in the Midwest, heavy snow and ice storms are more common than we’d like. Heavy buildup of snow and ice on our homes, cars, bushes, and trees can cause significant and costly harm. Here’s what to do if your tree experiences snowstorm damage this season.

Immediately Assess the Damage

When a tree breaks or falls, prompt action to assess the damage is necessary. Take a careful look around your tree, assessing the severity of breakage. If more than 40% of the main branches are severely broken, it’s best to call your local arborists for an expert assessment. Trees that are most susceptible to damage are those with previous injuries or pest infestations. If you’re questioning whether or not your tree requires professional action, contact Ivan’s Tree Service. We can help you determine the next appropriate course of action depending on your tree’s history and damage.

If the Damage is Significant, Have Your Tree Removed

In some cases, heavy snow and ice can cause trees to fall completely. Once snow and ice begin to build up on the tree’s branches, it can cause the tree to bend to a breaking point. If this happens, homeowners should take immediate action to have the tree removed. We offer tree removal and stump grinding services to keep your lawn clear from unnecessary and unsightly obstructions.

Shake Off Snow from Remaining Branches

If snowstorm damage to your tree is slight and does not require professional action, we suggest removing the existing snow and ice from the remaining branches. This will help alleviate the branches from excess weight, preventing your tree from any further breakage this season. To remove the snow, gently lift each of the branches with a pole-like object, such as a broom.

Prevent Future Damage by Pruning

The best type of winter storm protection is prevention. Take time in the coming seasons to prune your tree. For larger trees, pruning can be much more dangerous. Trust a professional to ensure the job gets done right and safely. Pruning your tree can help it grow back much stronger and healthier, allowing it to bounce back quickly from future damage.

Ivan’s Tree Service is a family business, dedicated to service families like ours with quality tree services. For all your tree service needs this winter, you can rely on Ivan’s. Our team of certified Arborists can get the job done in a safe and timely manner. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate.