Your Local Tree Service Company

Local tree trimming and tree removal services are available in St. Paul and Minneapolis. Tree trimmers are a rare breed. We are willing to climb trees as many did as children, however, we have to keep safety as our number one concern.

In our 15 years in business, we have dealt with trimming and removal of many types of trees. The opportunity to be challenged by large trees or many small trees and bushes is one we deal with every day. Our employees are trained in the latest safety techniques with the latest in safety equipment.
There are a lot of different types of trees and bushes here in the upper Midwest. Knowing the right time of year to tackle a particular tree trimming or removal project is extremely important. Different trees behave differently in our 4 seasons. Which trees like to be trimmed in the winter and which ones are better left to spring or summer is a big consideration in tackling this type of home improvement project.

You may decide to trim a tree or remove a tree for any number of reasons. Your local city may instruct you that a particular tree or stand of trees may have to come down. This may be due to disease or infestation. In any case, once a tree is marked for removal you will have to hire a tree removal company or let the city take care of this at your expense.

Other situations that may cause you to have to consider removing a tree is the closeness or proximity of the tree or it’s supporting roots to your home. if a tree gets too close to your home it may be a hazard from storm damage. Over our 15 years of experience, we have seen many trees weaken during a storm and land on a home or garage causing damage to the structure. At Ivans tree service we have also seen disputes between neighbors. Disputes over who has the right to remove a tree or remove branches that are encroaching on a yard and causing an unsightly look or even a hazard.

Trees are beautiful and add value to a property, however, when they need to be trimmed or removed it is best left up to a professional. Yelling timber is not going to guarantee that a falling tree will not harm a person nearby or a structure, such as a home, car garage or fence.

If you need a tree removal service and you live in the Twin Cities, St Paul, Minneapolis area contact Ivan’s Tree Service.