Professional Tree Services companies in Saint Paul MN, must be licensed.

Professional tree services companies in Saint Paul MN, must be licensed.
Tree trimmers and removal companies must be licensed to work in the Minneapolis Saint Paul area.
The local licensing board that is responsible for overseeing this occupation is the Department of Safety.

Ivan’s Tree Services is proud to perform all types of tree services related jobs for families and businesses throughout the Twin Cities. In fact there are some pretty strict regulations that separate licensed companies from fly by night tree trimmers.
When you hire a professional tree services company you are guaranteed that the company has passed all state and local city guidelines for operating a business. You can always ask for proof of insurance and check their license number against state registrants.
When we have our summer storms blow thru or there is a winter ice event there comes a time when neighborhoods are over run with companies offering their services. This might include roofing companies, contractors for carpentry as well as tree services companies. A lot of times these companies are called storm chasers. They go where the most damage is and try to make a living helping out homeowners that need repairs quickly.
Sometimes there are a few bad eggs that get mixed in with all the professional and licensed companies. These companies typically ask for down payments and then disappear never to be seen again.
Requiring a professional bid for services as well as requiring a check on state and local licenses and do a quick background check can ensure you are not working with one of these scammers.
In Saint Paul, Minneapolis Ivan’s Tree Services is a reliable affordable licensed insured tree services company.
Ivan’s Tree services trains there employees on the latest in safety, Ivan’s also ensures they are hiring the most experienced professional tree services employees.
If you are in need of general maintenance or emergency tree services contact Ivan’s Tree Services today. Reliable Affordable Tree Services Company.