How Do I Prepare My Trees For Spring?

The snow is melting, bulb plants are starting to bloom, and the temperatures are (finally!) warming up, which means spring has almost arrived. Each unique property reacts differently to the beginning of spring, and if you’re unsure how to spot potential issues with your trees and shrubs, consult with a professionally trained arborist to get your foliage ready for the season.

Here are a few tips to start your spring clean-up:

1. Examine your trees and shrubs

Melting snow combined with spring rainfall can cause pest and disease issues from standing water.  Ivan’s Tree Service can inspect these at-risk trees and provide a removal or treatment plan if necessary.

2. Trim dead branches

Spring weather can produce high winds and dangerous lightening. Pruning unsafe branches is your first step to maintaining healthy trees. Consult with a professional to see if additional bracing is needed to keep your property safe in the upcoming months.

3. Plant new trees

There are many aesthetic, health, and even financial benefits to adding more trees to your landscape. Trees can provide privacy to your property, improve air quality, increase your property value, and provide a new home to wildlife. Ivan’s Tree Service can recommend the perfect tree for your property.

4. Mulch your landscape

Mulching is a great way to take care of your landscape. Mulch retains moisture in the soil, improves overall soil health, and helps with weed control. Plus, it instantly gives your landscape a beautiful, finished appearance.

5. Fertilize plants

Fertilizing plants provides essential nutrients that are required for the best growth. Soil alone will not provide the nutrients your trees need, so applying a fertilizer will improve your plants’ resistance to damage from diseases, insects, and unexpected weather.

Ivan’s Tree Service trims, prunes, removes, and shapes foliage with an overall goal of protecting the tree and the customer. I.T.S firmly believes that the best way to give a tree love and more years of life is by maintaining it. Schedule a free consultation with our certified arborists and get your landscape ready for spring.