How Do I Know When to Trim My Trees?

Trimming should be part of your tree’s regular maintenance program. Cleaning out weak, diseased, or dead limbs on a routine basis improves the look and safety of every tree in your yard. Trimming trees can be a dangerous task that should be overseen by experienced arborists. Here are a few signs to indicate when it’s time for professional tree trimming:

  • Tree or branches are in close proximity to power lines
  • Branches are within a few yards or are touching your home
  • Dead, unsightly or loose hanging branches
  • Three years or more since your trees have been trimmed or pruned
  • Trees in need of shaping

Overgrown trees can not only decrease your property value, but if left unattended, can cause major damage to your property. Our certified arborists have over 15 years of experience and focus on exceeding our customers’ expectations. Contact the Ivan’s Tree Service professionals to sustain the health and beauty of your trees.