Disease, Pests and Drought may be a reason to have trees trimmed or removed

Disease Pests and Drought may be a reason to have trees removed
Many trees succumb to disease thus they need to be removed. In MN we have many types of trees from Pine to Oak and everything in-between. Some tree disease much like human diseases are not survivable however with some proper care trimming etc. you may be able to extend the life of your trees.

Typical Diseases that may be reason to trim or remove trees here in MN include;
Oak Wilt – Oak wilt is an aggressive disease that affects all species of oak trees found throughout Minnesota. It is caused by a fungus that invades the water vessels of oak trees and eventually kills most infected trees. There are two means of spread: 1 above ground and 2 below ground. Below-ground spread happens when oak roots grow into

one another and become fused or graft together. The fungus can then move from tree to tree through these roots. Above-ground spread occurs when sap-feeding beetles pick the spores up on their bodies and travel to a fresh wound on another tree.
The most effective means of control is a combination of root graft disruption and tree removal.
Dutch Elm disease – Dutch elm disease is a wilt fungus that grows in the sapwood of elms. The fungus was first encountered in 1921 in the Netherlands. Apparently, this silent killer arrived in a shipment of logs from France. But Dutch elm disease spread east quickly, the disease can now be found across the U.S.
Pests can also be a burden on the health of your trees. If you look closely you can see the activity of most f these pests as their life cycle takes its toll on trees.
Emerald Ash BorerForest tent caterpillarsGypsy mothPine bark beetlesTwo-lined chestnut borer
Fruit trees can have their own enemies as well, and here in MN we have plenty of Apple Trees, Cherry Trees, and Plumb Trees etc. Each of these has its own care instructions for disease or pests.

Knowing the best time of year to tackle these trimming or tree removal projects is also important. Of course removing trees entirely in the winter is not possible in most situation, but trimming or removing a tree downed in an ice storm can be done. But that’s another topic.
Dry soil conditions can significantly reduce the life span of your valuable landscape trees. Because they are difficult and expensive to replace, your trees need attention during and after periods of drought. Prolonged periods of drought can even lead to pest or disease infestation on top of starving a tree of valuable nutrients.
Proper tree care during drought includes watering, mulching and pest management. Organic mulch, such as wood chips, to a depth of 2 inches will help the soil retain moisture. If the soil does not have any moisture, the mulch will have little effect; as there is no water to lose. Inorganic mulch, like crushed granite, also helps the soil retain moisture, but it may not be as effective as organic mulch.
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