Coniferous or Deciduous? How to choose the right tree for your landscape.

choosing the right tree for my landscape

Choosing the right tree for your landscape can be tricky. Do you live near a busy highway? Does your home attract significant sunlight? Many factors can play into which type of tree is best for your home. Luckily, the ever-changing seasons of the Midwest have narrowed down your search to two main types of trees – coniferous and deciduous. Let’s break down some of the benefits each tree type can bring to your landscape.

Coniferous Trees

Conifers, often referred to as evergreens, are best known for their needles. If you live near a busy road or a windy hill, chances are, this is the type of tree for you. These thick, needle-filled branches work to build a natural wall against strong wind and loud noise. Conifers are also a great way to give your yard privacy year-round. Because of their density and height, these trees work as a natural fence to separate your home from your neighbors.

Deciduous Trees

Deciduous trees have many beautiful leaves that provide coolness and shade in summer months. On hot, muggy days, these leaves can pull hundreds of gallons of water up from their surroundings. When the water evaporates, it helps to keep the tree and its surroundings cool –acting as a natural air conditioner. For homes that receive significant amounts of sunlight, deciduous trees will help shade your home. These leaves provide immense shade during sunny, summer months. When planted on the western side of your home, it can help block out the sun’s most powerful rays.

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