Common Tree Trimming Mistakes Homeowners Make

Tree trimming is essential for your tree’s growth, appearance, and health. While it might be tempting to add removing those dead and dying branches to your list of DIY projects…

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What Tree is That? Five Common Native Minnesota Species

Fall is the perfect time to get outside and appreciate the beautiful biodiversity that our great state of Minnesota has to offer. From the changing colors to witnessing the animals…

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Your Fall Tree Care Checklist

With summer’s end just around the corner, changes are going to start to happen all around us. The temperatures are going to begin to drop, the days will get shorter,…

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Stump Removal

Tree Stump Removal vs. Tree Stump Grinding

A large tree stump in your yard can be a real eye sore and safety hazard. This summer is a perfect time to rid your beautiful landscaping of that pesky…

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summer tree pruning

Should I Prune My Tree in Summer?

“Can I schedule my summer tree pruning?” is a question we’re frequently asked. The short answer to this would be, you can. But the more realistic answer would be, you…

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spring tree care

‘Tree’ Rules to Follow This Rainy Season

The snow has officially melted, leaving many Minnesota lawns and trees looking dead, dull, and in need of serious care. Although it may be tempting to immediately start on spring…

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leaning tree

Why is my Tree Leaning?

Leaning trees can become a major safety hazard if left untreated. We’ve seen customers face costly damage to their homes and cars due to fallen trees and heavy limbs. If…

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stump grinding

Commonly Asked Questions: Winter Stump Grinding

Did you miss out on removing that pesky stump in your yard last fall? You’re in luck! With Ivan’s Tree Service, it’s never too late to take care of your…

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winter pruning

Winter Pruning: 5 Reasons Why it’s Essential

Can you imagine going a whole year without getting a hair cut? Think of how long (and maybe even scruffy) your hair would grow. Hairstylists often suggest frequently trimming your…

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snowstorm damage on trees

Snowstorm Damage Checklist

Living in the Midwest, heavy snow and ice storms are more common than we’d like. Heavy buildup of snow and ice on our homes, cars, bushes, and trees can cause…

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