4 Reasons You Need to Remove Your Tree Stump

Have you ever wondered, “Do I really need to contact a tree service to have my tree stump removed or can I just leave it there?” If so, the answer is an overwhelming “YES!”
Tree stump grinding is an excellent way to remove tree stumps from commercial properties or even your own backyard. Review the following 4 reasons as to why you should get a tree stump removed:
1. Stump Grinding Can Prevent Hazards
Old stumps propose dangerous situations for children, visitors, and others as a tripping hazard. Tree stumps are sometimes as low as the grass stands tall, so identifying them is not easy to do—ultimately becoming a liability on your property.
2. Tree Stumps Can Hold Diseases
There are a variety of reasons trees need to be cut down, and one of the most popular is due to disease issues that have caused lasting damage. In these specific situations, the tree stump can still carry that disease and spread to other trees within the area. Prevent future destruction of neighboring trees by contacting a tree removal service as soon as possible.
3. Stump Removal Helps to Eliminate Pests
One lonely tree stump could possibly serve as a perfect home for unwanted creatures. You do not want termites, ants, beetles or other pests inhabiting your lawn—especially if this stump is near other growing or fully grown trees and could possibly affect their health as well.
4. Bring Beauty to Your Backyard
It is no question having a tree stump in your backyard is a bit of an eye sore, and just takes up space. Tree stumps tend to look out of place and, over time, can decompose and rot. Stump grinding is an excellent solution to improving the overall look of your lawn and never leave anything to question.
Stump grinding and removal not only benefits the overall look of your lawn, but improves the overall health and safety of it as well.
Next time you are questioning the removal of a tree stump, or are in need of other tree services, give Ivan’s Tree Service a call at (651).485.6870 and let us help protect your lawn.